During a yoga therapy or detox consultation or conscious massage you benefit from a personalised approach. These meetings in a one to one setting allow you to adopt new habits, break old bonds and take your health back in hand.

Yoga Therapy

Individual and personalised yoga therapy sessions allow you to benefit from a tailored approach and build, with the help of your teacher, a practice designed to meet your unique needs and objectives, helping you to calm, repair and strengthen yourself. Repeating your practice independently at home after your class will allow you to reconnect with your physical, mental or emotional health.

One to one yoga therapy sessions are recommended if you:

  • would like to find a practice which is adapted to your own state of physical and respiratory health;
  • integrate a practice into your daily life which is appropriate for your lifestyle and availability;
  • resolve emotional conflict
  • use yoga as a tool to strengthen your mind.

Book an appointment with Marc Beuvain:
Tél : +32 (0)493 84 15 17

Prices : first consultation – 60 euros (1 hour) / follow-up sessions : 30 euros (30 min)


One to one detox coaching will enable you to discover living foods, fast safely, address your relationship to your diet and find the resources within you to create lasting change in your daily habits. This personalised approach takes into account your own unique parameters: state of health, objectives, lifestyle… The resulting programme will be a progressive, realistic and individualised path to deep detoxification.

One to one detox coaching is recommended if you:

  • want to find an approach to food which supports your holistic healing process;
  • want to understand the therapeutic applications of diet and fasting;
  • need to lose weight, increase vitality, clear up a skin problem, improve fertility, rebalance your endocrine system, support a therapeutic process for conditions like diabetes, fibromyalgia, endometriosis, arthritis…
  • need to be guided through practices like water fasting, juice fasting, fruit fasting…

Book an appointment with Jessie Laverton: :
Tél : +32 (0)493 84 91 09

Prices : first consultation – 60 euros (1 hour) / follow-up sessions : 45 euros (45 min)

Massage and Conscious Breathing

Available from January 2019

Conscious massage is based on empathetic touch supported by breath work. These tools give you access to deep relaxation and facilitate grounding. The resulting state of well-being helps you to lay the foundations for personal development.

The benefits of conscious massage include :

  • Relief from the tension and agitation of a stressful lifestyle;
  • A feeling of deep relaxation;
  • True rest on physical and mental levels;
  • A state of calm which leaves space for introspection.