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Yoga – Detox – Massage

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A Centre for Holistic Health in Brussels

Good holistic health is the natural state for a human being. Maintaining it independently is an art of living. At Vicitra, we use Yoga, detox and conscious massage to empower you to reconnect with all the levels of your being. These powerful yet accessible tools allow you to reclaim your physical, mental and emotional health.


Our approach to yoga and our unique teaching tools allow you to ground your personal practice in essential yoga philosophy: holistic health and freedom of consciousness.

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At Vicitra, we consider detox to be a very effective therapeutic tool. Through our personalised approach we share the principles which allow you to reconnect with your physical and emotional health.

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Our approach to conscious massage is based on empathetic touch and deep breathing. These tools ease you into a centred state and allow you to relax and let go on a very deep level.

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Workshops and Courses

Workshops and courses in French only – so far! – click on the link below for information about workshops and courses in French.


“Professional team, magnificent teachings, support for each member of the group. The teachings and the practice support me on my path to freedom of consciousness. Gratitude.”


Fasting retreat participant

«In one workshop, Marc Beuvain is able to explain how yoga is actually an invitation to resolve our emotional conflict and regain holistic health, illustrating his ideas with real examples, and making his teaching fully accessible, guiding us so that we may touch, there, inside of our ownselves, a place of calm which allows us to reconnect with our true nature.»


Workshop participant

“I first met Marc at one of his yoga sutra workshops. Marc goes beyond the simple translation of the text and brings us to experience a real immersion, pushing us to reflect on the meaning of each sutra and its application in our lives. He often shares his own experience without ever imposing his own vision, leaving us free to experiment and build our own understanding of the sutras.”


Workshop participant