Our unique approach to Yoga

We welcome you whatever your state of health and your objectives. In this sense, our method is unique.

Whether they are comprised of postures, breathing exercises or meditation, our yoga classes all have the same objective : to reach a centred state which will allow you to find the momentum of transformative practice, whether you are a beginner or an experienced yogi.

Our Group Classes

Integral Yoga

Maintain harmony between body and mind.

A balanced practice which stimulates both connective tissue and muscles. A harmonious combination of postures supported by the breath improves strength and flexibility. The postures are guided in a way which allows for varying degrees of difficulty, adapting to the physical capacities of each participant.

With regular practice you will obtain greater flexibility and muscle tone. You will improve your ability to recentre and release tension in your body.

These sessions are designed for both beginners and experienced yogis.

Integral yoga classes are recommended if you:

  • want to both strengthen and stretch your body;
  • are looking for an adapted and balanced practice;
  • want to increase your physical energy and calm your mind;
  • can come to classes regularly.

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Serenity Yoga

Ideal for relaxation and grounding

These sessions are mainly comprised of relaxing poses and gentle stretches that eliminate physical and emotional tension bringing calm and relaxation. The progressive stretching techniques and the muscular relaxation which follows will bring you to gently reconnect with your body. You will learn to master the breathwork which brings calm and allows you to release tension on a very deep level.

These sessions are designed for both beginners and experienced yogis.

Integral yoga classes are recommended if you:

  • want to improve your ability to access a more relaxed state ;
  • need to relieve muscle tension and general agitation ;
  • would like to improve the quality of your sleep.

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Re-establishing Inner Coherence

The main objective of these sessions is to find a state of inner peace, which restores coherence between the brain in your head and the brain in your heart. These sessions aim to help people who are struggling with a feeling of incoherence between these two centres in a stressful modern lifestyle. The result of this incoherence is an excessive production of stress hormones, and a life lived more through compensation than in a state of fulfilment. Keeping your body constantly in emergency mode forces it to continuously postpone its repair work and regenerative processes. 
The sessions last one hour and generally include a short physical preparation comprised of very simple yoga postures.
These sessions are recommended if you :
  • want to experience the relationship between mind, body and emotions ;
  • discover the transformative potential of the influence of your mind and emotions on your overall health
  • experience the true calm of inner coherence

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Dynamic Yoga

Ideal for toning up and resourcing yourself

These sessions improve muscle tone and physical endurance. They are comprised of strengthening sequences synchronised with the breath. They are physically demanding and will bring you to touch your limits.

Physical practice captures the wandering mind, by creating a direct connection with the body. You leave these sessions with a toned and relaxed body and a calm, grounded mind. Each session increases your heart rate and mobilises all of your joints. Theses classes are recommended for people in good physical health.

Counter-indications: high blood pressure, slipped disc, acute sciatica.

These sessions are designed for both beginners and experienced yogis. Good general health required.

Dynamic yoga classes are recommended if you:

  • want to increase your vitality ;
  • are looking for a balance between stimulation and relaxation ;
  • are very physically active ;
  • can attend classes regularly.

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Yoga for Back Pain

Flexibility and care of the spine

The postures and breathing exercises offered during these sessions are chosen with fragile backs in mind. Each practice is designed to be safe and accessible for people suffering from back pain. The carefully chosen sequences allow you to gently stretch and realign your spine. With regular practice you will be able to reclaim good posture and a healthy, comfortable spine.

These sessions are suitable for beginners and experienced yogis who are currently struggling with back problems such as sciatica, lordosis, kyphosis, slipped discs…

These sessions are recommended if you:

  • need to relieve a fragile back ;
  • need to increase the flexibility of your spine;
  • need to strengthen abdominal and back muscles

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One to One Yoga Therapy

Individual and personalised yoga therapy sessions allow you to benefit from a tailored approach and build, with the help of your teacher, a practice designed to meet your unique needs and objectives, helping you to calm, repair and strengthen yourself.

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